Rupali Steinmeyer

With more than 20 years of international management and operational experience in the communications industry, Rupali has a keen eye for messaging and content that resonates within specific markets and its people. An entrepreneurial bent of mind coupled with a penchant for adventure means that Rupali always has her travel shoes on. This is what took her out of India (where she was born) to the US (where she studied and worked) to Germany (where she currently lives) and to China (where she set up an office for her previous employer MetaDesign and lived for 3 years).

Rupali has consulted clients on strategic brand-building, product communications, inter-cultural relations, and corporate storytelling. They include AT&T, American Airlines, Citibank, Haier, Midea, Munich RE, OPPO, Siemens, and Zhejiang Daily Press Group. Her experience in the automotive vertical for Audi, Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Group China, HMC, Beiqi Motors, TVS Motor Company and Continental Truck Tires, together with the time she spent at Bombardier have equipped her with a broad expertise in automobile-related communications. Amongst the most visible of her projects are those in retail (car dealerships, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics). Many of the engagements that she worked on have been recognised with awards such as reddot design, iF communication design, German Design Award, and Rebrand 100. 

Rupali regularly speaks at conferences. The stories she shared at the TEDx Talk in Beijing, and the Creative Morning and Pecha Kucha in Berlin are amongst her recent favourites. Rupali also engages students on a variety of business and communications topics (Pune University, Tsinghua University, Communications University of China, University of Maine, Syracuse University). 

If you don’t find Rupali devouring content in some form or another then you will find her writing or sharing stories, and living her grandmother’s words, “With a cool head and a good pair of shoes you can get anywhere you want to."

Berlin, D