GRANSHAN conference explores, merges, translates, connects ... worlds of script, ways of communication and sign languages. Renowned designers, researchers of script and typographers from the world over will illustrate the many ways in which the beauty of a language can flourish in script. All the more so, when both language and characters are "different" or foreign to us. They communicate the cultural diversity of their users as well as the users connection to their identity and roots. These ideas of "difference" and diversity will be the subjects of the GRANSHAN conference.

All lectures will be held in English

1:30 pm Registration
2:00 pm Boris Kochan Welcome note
  Rupali Steinmeyer No-name objects and inspiration
  Akira Kobayashi SST Project
  Gerry Leonidas Notes on multiscript typeface design
3:45 pm Break
4:05 pm Santi Lawrachawee A very short introduction of Thai printing and typography
  Timothy Donaldson hören à the 手 [կրկին]
5:10 pm Break
5:30 pm Ben Mitchell Burmese: evolution of a writing system
  Edik Ghabuzyan About Standard and Conceptual Ligatures in Armenian
6:35 pm Break
6:55 pm Vaibhav Singh Archives, collections, typographic research
  Bruno Maag Why would I want to create complex non-latin fonts
  Adi Stern Duets and Trios
  Boris Kochan Closing Note
8:30 pm Reception with drinks & fingerfood

For the sake of good order we have to point out that there can be updates in timing and line-up in due to external circumstances.