Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell (*1976), after a number of disparate careers gravitating towards design, Ben finally took the plunge and studied the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading.
His practical project was to create a type family covering Latin, Burmese and Thai — an unprecedented step towards improved dialogue as Burma cautiously emerges from decades of isolation. His experience living in Thailand from 2002 to 2006 and many trips to Burma enabled Ben to unite these writing systems stylistically without risking undue Latinisation.
Ben studied the traditional milieux of Burmese writing (inscriptions, palm-leaf manuscripts and folding books) to guide a sensitive approach to the less-familiar Burmese. He also critically surveyed all Burmese printing types made in metal from 1776 to 1976, to construct for the first time an academic narrative charting the evolution of Burmese from its Brahmi roots to its present-day incarnation as a digital entity.
Ben lives and works in Brighton, UK, as a freelance type designer.

Brighton, UK